Pavel Lubanski created Fuck Mr. Hatcher back in 2008, when he was in College. He made it in less than a week, and didn't expect it to get the buzz that it has been receiving.

Fuck Mr. Hatcher got it's first big exposure, when it was featured on the front page of Newgrounds.com (a flash animation website, that was averaging half a million unique hits a day). The Fuck Mr. Hatcher game itself, has received around a quarter million plays on the website alone.

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Nine years after the game was uploaded to the internet, popular YouTube Channel Game Grumps (3.7+ million subscribers) featured the Fuck Mr. Hatcher game, in a video they uploaded on February 24th 2017. By February 27th, 3 days later, the video already had 580 000 views. It now sits at over 1 million.